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Tips to Make Fun Wedding Reception


A treat for the eyes makes for fun entertainment. This could be hiring a clown, belly dancer, magician or even salsa dancers for guests to watch all night. Additionally you may want to consider putting together a slideshow of your love story or even a montage of your family photos to display.

Hands On

Another option is to have hands on entertainment such as a couple’s quiz, newsletter with details of the couple or fun activity pads. This can also include coloring books for the kids. Another idea is to rent a photo booth where guests can have fun taking their own creative photos.


Food is always a hit, especially sweets. Consider having a food station where you can build your own Sunday, or fill in your own goody bag.


This is by far my favorite. Guests are not expecting surprises at a wedding, so have fun with this one. One surprise is to coordinate a fun dance with your wedding party that will have guests up and clapping! Another surprise might include taping scratch off tickets at the

Things to Avoid when Planning Your Wedding

Not planning budget for every wedding expense

It is essential to start planning for everything right after the announcement of wedding date, so you can avoid problems later. Marriage comes with various expenses and you should estimate budget for it. However, if you do not allot it separately, there are chances that you will spend all money on a few things. If you do not want to spend money on unnecessary things, you must divide the budget for every possible expense. You should precisely state estimated money for each category of expenditure such as wedding stationery, venue, decoration, food etcetera. You can also keep the amount a little higher to cover unexpected cost caused by price hike or any other similar reason.

Not allotting responsibilities to individuals

You can reduce stress by allotting different responsibilities to trustworthy persons. If you are afraid that they would not be able to carry these responsibilities successfully and plan to carry out everything by yourself, it will be the biggest mistake. When you do so, chances are high that you will make a mistake while accomplishing many tasks at

Guide to Create a Wedding on a Budget

Look for an All-inclusive Wedding Venue

One of the major expenses of a wedding is the venue. But why worry about it if you can make the most of it? Finding the right wedding venue can be a budget buster and an actually be the better choice than at-home wedding receptions.

The key is to book an all-inclusive wedding venue that will allow you to skimp the huge cost of renting chairs, tables and tents. You can also find a wedding venue that requires minimal effort on decoration and provides most of the supplies that you’ll need without extra charges. You’ll be surprised to know that you can stay away from unnecessary spending by simply choosing the right wedding venue.

Schedule Your Wedding on a Weekday

People who are after getting huge savings should consider a weekday wedding. Saturday is a very popular day to tie the knot -and wedding suppliers are very much aware of this. Weekend schedules are considered as peak days and while the demand grows for wedding vendors and services, prices also rise. If you are flexible with the date, choose

Are You Ready to Remarry?

Hiding your head in the sand or not facing up to your role in your previous marriage’s demise is not going to help your new relationship. Asking yourself where could you have done things differently (even if you were abused, he/she gambled your money away, or ran off with someone else) will go a long way to ensuring greater success this time. Not facing up to the answers, that is also normal (hence the high failure of subsequent marriages).

On the other hand, how about not being typical, being fearless, and facing these questions fair and square, head on! Also, questioning your compatibility and future life together before you actually commit is both courageous and sensible, and if you don’t like the answers will save you (and your family) a huge amount of heartache in the future. This article is just to ensure you are doubly sure with your decision to marry again, so please don’t skip over it!

Are you rushing into this marriage before you have had time to find out just who you are now, what your new goals are and what you want for your life now that the old one is

Is Marriage Just Living Together?

Instead of searching for someone who will accept the way they are, be happy with their capabilities and at the same time, also ensure that emotional and sexual needs are fulfilled. This implies that a woman should be brainy, submissive, attentive, beautiful, and equivalent to a man. In the same way, a man should be handsome, a bodybuilder with excellent mannerism and always respectful.

An Eye Contact Is Must

Always maintain eye contact with your partner. Whatever you feel, look into the eyes and speak, it builds up the trust; it also implies that you are speaking the truth and you mean it what you speak. Let the other person also talk; let the conversation begin.

Show Respect for your Spouse

If you want to make a successful relationship, the next thing you need to make a baseline of mutual respect.Give prime importance to your spouse’s thoughts inputs and deliberate.

Make it a point if you don’t agree with your partner, discuss the situation respectfully. Pretending in a way that everything will fair enough is not going to ease the situation, even it may end up between the couple fighting without any point.

Tips to Pick Wedding Reception Hall

Think about your stylishness – do you like the suburbs desire the city? Do you like ancient world charm, or are you fine with a suburban reception hall that will right all of your friends and family with ease? Determine the overall location you’d like your wedding reception to be in and then decide what type of amenities would suit you.

Now you want to take a close look at your invitee list and how much budget you have to spend. This will put some places off of your list if they don’t hold estimated people or are out of your financial budget.

Make a brief list of your top five or six wedding reception halls and call them for an appointment. However, it’s not all pleasurable and games – make sure to take a list of queries with you to ask the reception controller. It also helps to carry a digital camera so you can remember apiece place and the things you liked about it. After your appointments, you should have stable answers on price, dining, preferred vendors, cake cutting fees, pre payments, venue capacity and operation times etc.

Now you

Have A Happy Marriage?. Know Its Secrets

Fire Sign

If your partner is the Fire sign, please understand that your fiery lover needs to fully express the real passion even though you two are in or out of the bedroom. It is impossible to discourage the Fire sign, and it’s unnecessary to stimulate the one’s outgoing side. You should keep that passion in a positive way. Never let any problem or bad view get hard to solve. Keep in mind that Sagittarius responds best to the shared enthusiasm. Aries needs the honesty and praise.

Earth Sign

Once your lover is an Earth Sign, Security is the cornerstone for this sign. Being responsible, careful, and practical may be Earth Sign partner’s dream. Nobody is perfect, and we know it, but we still appreciate the effort. With Taurus, though, loves a touch of comfort and style. Taurus is out-going if it is beyond your financial reach and gets for it any way. Virgo treasures all of the little things like tokens and gestures, showing how you constantly love and care for her/him. Capricorn doesn’t like waste and extravagance, but love thrift and persistence.

Air Sign

Communication can keep Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius

How to Decide Wedding Date?

Consider the season

It is the most important thing to consider while deciding a wedding date. About-to-wed couples should discuss about in which season they want to get married. They should also take their interests into account and choose a season accordingly. For example, if they want to get married in the presence of beautiful flowers, then spring season is the best option.

Get married on a special day

Many couples wishing to make people remember their wedding can organize this ceremony at some special days. There is a big list of such days such 1st January, 14th February, 18th October, and many more. They can also get married on their partner’s birthday. Some couples also choose to tie the knot on the anniversary of their parents or grandparents marriage. It is also a good choice, but they should avoid it if their parents or grandparents are divorced.

Consider day of the week

Many couples find it hard to decide the day to get married. Saturday is considered to be the best day for the ceremony as the most guests will get a day to relax. Since most of them will go to

Theme Wedding Ideas


A rose theme wedding is really special and pretty popular, among many couples. Rose can easily depict that romance is in the air and marriage is about the union of two souls with love. This theme is perfect for summer time, when the roses are in full bloom. You may have the wedding take place in the rose garden and make the icing of the cake using roses and highlight the place with centerpieces in roses.


If you are up for beach weddings, then you would love the theme of aquatic life. If you are getting married on a boat or on an isolated beach at a private party, use elements of the sea like shells and corals , etc in your wedding.


If you still wish to have some fun with the wedding theme ideas and would like all colors everywhere, this theme is perfect for you. Bring out the kid withing you and instill the feeling of carnival all around.

Cinderella Alice in wonderland

Bring magical elements and fairyland in your wedding with theme of a fairy story. Bring a celestial charm to your wedding with

Know Things What Men And Women Seek In a Life Partner

What women want?

  1. Women do give importance to looks and personality. Yes, people generally think it is men who give importance to beauty over other things and women do not give much importance to looks. Indeed, most women do not care about your skin color andnails,etcetra but today’s women do want their life partners to look well groomed and smart.
  2. Women do not like comparisons, even if they are the ones to initiate them. She does not like to be compared to your mother, sister, aunt or ex-girlfriend. She asks you if she is as good as them or better than them just for security. Make your woman feel secure and wanted. Tell her how important she is to you and how much you value her.
  3. Pay importance to her. Women like men you notice her and listen to her. Remember small gestures go a long way. Remembering her parent’s anniversary, her favorite color, her favorite movie, her best friend’s birthday, etc. mean a lot to her.
  4. Women like men who respect their space, ambitions and goals personally as well as professionally. She would love it if you supported her and stood by her. Remember times have changed. Today, women

Know the Mistakes of Wedding Etiquette

Sending invitation to the person who already told about his or her inability to attend

If a person tells that he or she cannot attend your wedding due to some reasons, you should exclude him or her from the guest list and not send any invitation. However, this rule can create confusion about whether or not to invite him or her to pre-wedding events. In this situation, you can include him or her in these events.

You are not clear about who can attend and who cannot

You should be clear about who is invited to the wedding and whom they can bring along. Generally, confusion is about bringing children. If you are inviting children of invitees, you should mention it while addressing wedding cards. You can affix “with family” with their names. If you have not met friends or relatives for a long time or you meet them sometimes, try including them all or none.

Time and date of wedding are less suitable

Generally, Saturday and Sunday are considered appropriate to get married. On these days, most people are on leave and can attend the ceremony without any problem. However, on Sundays,

Unusual Engagement Party Ideas

Surprise your guests

Try and hide the news from your closed one’s until you invite them for a party. Once everyone is there, announce your engagement yourself or ask your DJ( if you have one) to raise a toast for you and your guests and announce your engagement. Surprise! This one will really astonish your guests specially your parents. Be prepared for the reactions.

Who bear the cost

Generally, it is bride’s parents who bear the cost of the event but now as time has changed, it can be a collaborative effort. You can divide the cost of event, this will give you an extra edge for having a grand engagement party. Hope both of yours parents agree! Having a grand party at engagement is not for everyone, but nothings more important than sharing your happiness with your loved one’s.

Make it an event

Indulge your guests by having a wine tasting party. Conduct blind wine tasting or form wine tasting groups. Have wide variety of wine at either from local winery or you can consult books about it. This act will engage your guests and enhance their understanding of wine. Your guests

Some Ideas to Propose

Show Your Partner That You Care

Take your partner to their favourite restaurant or bar in town or take them to the place where you two first met. Let them know that you remember every tiny detail of your relationship and how happy and thankful you are to have them in your life.

Try Something Geeky

Create a Jigsaw Puzzle using a nice photo of the two of you. When it’s done, ask the question.

Go On A Trip

Take some time off from both of yours’ busy schedules and go hiking/skiing/boating/bicycling/cruising or take a trip to the countryside in your car. Choose a beach or a waterfall, a cliff or a monument as the backdrop that will add drama and irresistible appeal to your proposal. Both of you will remember this quality time together for all your lives.
Charter a yacht for just the two of you. Watch the sunset together, get on your knees and pop the question when nothing is around except the waves and the fading hue of the sunlight.

Take Advantage Of The Weather

Take a walk in the evening/night when it’s raining and propose right there on the pavement/footpath. Let your

How to Plan For Your Wedding


The very first thing that is considered to be is your budget for the marriage. It is a very important part of the wedding planning. While people think of their perfect wedding with various things, people fail to obtain that because of their low budget. So planning your wedding is very important as per your budget.


Another important thing that is required is time to plan the marriage. You should start their planning about wedding 12 to 15 months prior to the marriage day. You should also inform the people you are going to invite to the wedding so they can also plan as per your marriage day.


For accomplishing successful destination, it needs a proper theme for the wedding. Selecting a theme is not easy task for the marriage, so should take help from your friends and family members who will be able to give more idea of the same.


Venue or the destination of the marriage should be planned before even thinking of the theme, because as per the destination you will be able to select an appropriate theme for the wedding. The most people

Modern Wedding Venues

Significant Locations

You can put more significant meaning to your event if you will celebrate it in a place that has a special meaning in your lives as a couple. Whether it is a park, a museum or restaurant, the personal events that occurred in a certain place absolutely give more value to a wedding venue.

Private Residences

One of the advantages of celebrating weddings in the home of a family or friend is the amount that you will be able to save from the cost of wedding venue rental. Celebrate your special day at your backyard, a friend’s barn, by the pool, or at a garden. This is perfect for intimate parties so you can have a private event with the family and friends.

Places of Recreation

For couples who enjoy having adventures together, there are places of recreation that can also be transformed to become a wonderful wedding venue. Enjoy the lush green surrounding of a gold park as your backdrop or transform a camping ground into a unique and personal venue that you’ll surely enjoy.

Visually Interesting Places

Wedding venues are usually chosen because of the appeal that

Why Use a Wedding Website?

Make Use of Interactive Tools

Your wedding website can be a useful tool to help you with your preparations. Like a typical website, your wedsite comes with a range of tools and features that you can customize. Take advantage of your very own guestbook, personal blog, an RSVP form, a messages page, plus other creative additions that you may want to integrate to your wedsite to give it a more personalized look.

Establish Collaboration

Wedding preparation is best done with the help of friends and loved ones – and you can make that simpler through your wedding website. It can be the portal where you and your guests can communicate and make plans. It can be your personalized virtual space to make planning more efficient so you can work with people who are miles away. Just create a password for your website and share it with the right people so you can move on with planning and get help from loved-ones easily!

Simplify Info Sharing

Wedding details are very important and they should be shared with guests ahead of time. Accurate and smooth dissemination of information can be done

Beach Wedding

A beach wedding takes a whole new look in comparison to traditional wedding ceremonies. An old-fashioned typical conventional marriage, though celebrated jubilantly, puts a big hole into your pocket. And what is the use of celebrating a wedding with rueful feelings about having spent too much on preparations? It is true that wedding ceremony is the most memorable event in one’s life. However, people tend to spend lavishly on this auspicious ceremony. Kindly do not indulge in spending a huge amount of money on your wedding. You will of course never want to begin your beautiful marriage life with dues and debts.

Wedding ceremony on a beach is one of the most reminiscent events in your life. The hosts and the guests revel in the breezy atmosphere thereon. Such ceremonies do not need call for lavish spend but the presences of near and dear ones. The rest is taken care of by the beach wedding agency. Often brides-to-be are unaware of the financial strain they place on their attendants and guests. Not everyone can afford to buy that ceremonial dresses. Unlike from traditional ceremonies that involve complex preparations, hectic activities, edding cards and more. A beach wedding

Tips to Plan Stag Do on Your Wedding

Be Organised

It’s vitally important that you plan it, and I mean really plan it. There are certain things that men are traditionally very good at, but planning and organisation, sadly, we suck at. Make sure you settle on a date where everybody is available, and book your adventure well in advance to avoid disappointment. Meet at a bar or a restaurant with the guys you want to have involved and talk it all over; include everybody from the start, this will make you all feel involved.

Choosing the Location and What to do

After settling on a date you’re going to want to choose what you’re actually going to do. This should be left to the Groome and your guests should be supportive and encouraged by whatever choice he makes. So, if he chooses to venture out on a walking trip around the Lake District then so be it, the quicker you agree and take on board what is going to happen, the higher the likelihood that the event will be successful. Very rarely does the Groome elect an activity where the guests have no interest; after all, you’re all close mates and likely

A few Ideas of Wedding Venue Decorations

Some Interesting Wedding Venue Decoration’s

Flowers and Candelabras – candlesticks have the unique essence of calm and with an aromatic scent there is an ambience conducive for weddings. Season roses (white, pink, and red yellow), daisies, chrysanthemums, gladiolas, ranunculus, dahlia, lily, orchids and hydrangea among others leave captivating scenes and imagery. With special centerpiece effects flowers create an ecstatic ambience and great mood.

Decorative Lights

Both DIY and the special heritage correction add dazzle and versatile impression to drab appearance. Illuminating and harmonizing to any intensity the venues feel and decorative highlights. Special lights are also in different variety of string lights, delightful decorative lamps and specially designed aromatic candle lights even LED lights. Placed at specific intervals they are wedding venues decorative tonic.

Linen Cloth and Ribbons

Specially designed, decorated and colored cloth that reflects the wedding theme adds creative punch and look to the wedding venue decorations. Especially with guest table layout, high table highlights and the hanging or draping decorative designs. There is always a place that ribbons will stand out and appeal to the eyes as well wedding photo shoot and video effects. They add visual and memorable sights

Tips to Save Money on Your Wedding

Firts, set your budget, create a wish list for anything you would like and then research and make your enquiries with any suppliers in the local area to gauge for prices on your wishlist. It could be a good idea to create a spreadsheet or even further, an easy to read chart that can quickly make comparisons on the cost and the value on what your providers include in their ‘packages’. This is definitely an efficient way to assess the several values and make sure you know what you’re getting. This way you can keep tracks on the full price and be certain that you will remain in your budget. You’ll be able to easily assess what you can and can’t get and also what easily see what you can get cheaper.

For example if your wedding cake costs the price you were expecting, say three hundred and fifty pounds, are you going to blindly take it at the first opportunity, or dig deeper and get more value for money? Can or will somebody within the family or a friend build or contribute something for you as their gift? Perhaps you may even be able to then