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Monthly Archives: November 2016

Beach Wedding

A beach wedding takes a whole new look in comparison to traditional wedding ceremonies. An old-fashioned typical conventional marriage, though celebrated jubilantly, puts a big hole into your pocket. And what is the use of celebrating a wedding with rueful feelings about having spent too much on preparations? It is true that wedding ceremony is the most memorable event in one’s life. However, people tend to spend lavishly on this auspicious ceremony. Kindly do not indulge in spending a huge amount of money on your wedding. You will of course never want to begin your beautiful marriage life with dues and debts.

Wedding ceremony on a beach is one of the most reminiscent events in your life. The hosts and the guests revel in the breezy atmosphere thereon. Such ceremonies do not need call for lavish spend but the presences of near and dear ones. The rest is taken care of by the beach wedding agency. Often brides-to-be are unaware of the financial strain they place on their attendants and guests. Not everyone can afford to buy that ceremonial dresses. Unlike from traditional ceremonies that involve complex preparations, hectic activities, edding cards and more. A beach wedding is quiet simple, easy-going and relaxing. The guests can simply witness the ceremony and can meander along the coast. Even your guests will not be able to forget the day!

A beach wedding offers the highest level of convenience to the guests who need not to go anywhere. They can have children getting in fun and frolic. During a traditional wedding ceremony, the guests simply stay glued to their chairs whereas in a beach wedding, they can actually join hands with the celebration and be a part of the event. Until bigger in size, you need not to obtain license or permit for organizing a matrimonial event. A beach wedding is a contemporary and invigorating change from the old traditional wedding. It allows your creativity and personality to stand out.

Tips to Plan Stag Do on Your Wedding

Be Organised

It’s vitally important that you plan it, and I mean really plan it. There are certain things that men are traditionally very good at, but planning and organisation, sadly, we suck at. Make sure you settle on a date where everybody is available, and book your adventure well in advance to avoid disappointment. Meet at a bar or a restaurant with the guys you want to have involved and talk it all over; include everybody from the start, this will make you all feel involved.

Choosing the Location and What to do

After settling on a date you’re going to want to choose what you’re actually going to do. This should be left to the Groome and your guests should be supportive and encouraged by whatever choice he makes. So, if he chooses to venture out on a walking trip around the Lake District then so be it, the quicker you agree and take on board what is going to happen, the higher the likelihood that the event will be successful. Very rarely does the Groome elect an activity where the guests have no interest; after all, you’re all close mates and likely have interests in the same things.

During the Stag Do

It’s common knowledge that the Groome is soon to be married, so it may be a good idea to not go too far. Perhaps life threatening activites should be avoided such as base jumping, or swimming with sharks; just stick to something a little safer! It’s also a great idea to use ways to ensure you aren’t spending too much. Keep an eye on expenses, or even set up daily budgets; by doing this you will eliminate the chances of going overboard. Most importantly, have fun! It’s the last chance that you’ll get (most likely) to go really wild before the Groome disappears into marriage.

A few Ideas of Wedding Venue Decorations

Some Interesting Wedding Venue Decoration’s

Flowers and Candelabras – candlesticks have the unique essence of calm and with an aromatic scent there is an ambience conducive for weddings. Season roses (white, pink, and red yellow), daisies, chrysanthemums, gladiolas, ranunculus, dahlia, lily, orchids and hydrangea among others leave captivating scenes and imagery. With special centerpiece effects flowers create an ecstatic ambience and great mood.

Decorative Lights

Both DIY and the special heritage correction add dazzle and versatile impression to drab appearance. Illuminating and harmonizing to any intensity the venues feel and decorative highlights. Special lights are also in different variety of string lights, delightful decorative lamps and specially designed aromatic candle lights even LED lights. Placed at specific intervals they are wedding venues decorative tonic.

Linen Cloth and Ribbons

Specially designed, decorated and colored cloth that reflects the wedding theme adds creative punch and look to the wedding venue decorations. Especially with guest table layout, high table highlights and the hanging or draping decorative designs. There is always a place that ribbons will stand out and appeal to the eyes as well wedding photo shoot and video effects. They add visual and memorable sights from the wedding day.

Innovative Guest Seat and Table Layout

Guest tables section and access to food or other amenities will truly make it a wedding venue reception worth remembering. If it’s the character and set-up of the venue seating guests according to importance and relevance adds a touch of creativity and excitement.


Tips to Save Money on Your Wedding

Firts, set your budget, create a wish list for anything you would like and then research and make your enquiries with any suppliers in the local area to gauge for prices on your wishlist. It could be a good idea to create a spreadsheet or even further, an easy to read chart that can quickly make comparisons on the cost and the value on what your providers include in their ‘packages’. This is definitely an efficient way to assess the several values and make sure you know what you’re getting. This way you can keep tracks on the full price and be certain that you will remain in your budget. You’ll be able to easily assess what you can and can’t get and also what easily see what you can get cheaper.

For example if your wedding cake costs the price you were expecting, say three hundred and fifty pounds, are you going to blindly take it at the first opportunity, or dig deeper and get more value for money? Can or will somebody within the family or a friend build or contribute something for you as their gift? Perhaps you may even be able to then pay part your budget on a fabulous cake ‘topper’ to add to the wow-factor. Do be realistic, you can’t expect to have everything you could possibly wish however would you rather indulge on what you realistically cannot afford and then have suffer for it potentially years after to see that money come back. If you really can’t to go without the cake then just think you may be able to sacrifice one thing to subsidise to cost to cover it? For example do you pay out daily on for your work lunch? Packing your own lunch and your own home made sandwiches instead of purchasing from a supermarket could dramatically see you save money; it’s the same concept, get grandma to get you a cake rather than going to Shauls.

Simply put, you can’t have your cake and eat it too! Just imagine if you bought lots of food from Iceland and it most of it was going to go to waste as your guests didn’t like it and you forked out a load of money for it. It’s easy to see famous rich celebrities we would all love to be and live like spend their cash and see what they have in the magazines or TV shows, but it is not always the case for us all. Sparkling wine is always a good alternative to champagne; you could even replace the bottles!

It may always be worth asking your partner to consider a loan for your wedding if you both really love each other and would like to make the event one to remember for years and years to come, there are many companies who can offer short payday loans and so forth. But it’s the risk you take for that one special day which can sometimes go wrong.