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Are You Ready to Remarry?

Hiding your head in the sand or not facing up to your role in your previous marriage’s demise is not going to help your new relationship. Asking yourself where could you have done things differently (even if you were abused, he/she gambled your money away, or ran off with someone else) will go a long way to ensuring greater success this time. Not facing up to the answers, that is also normal (hence the high failure of subsequent marriages).

On the other hand, how about not being typical, being fearless, and facing these questions fair and square, head on! Also, questioning your compatibility and future life together before you actually commit is both courageous and sensible, and if you don’t like the answers will save you (and your family) a huge amount of heartache in the future. This article is just to ensure you are doubly sure with your decision to marry again, so please don’t skip over it!

Are you rushing into this marriage before you have had time to find out just who you are now, what your new goals are and what you want for your life now that the old one is behind you? Don’t rush into an encore marriage if you haven’t had time to form a new relationship with yourself. There are so many factors and extra challenges to consider, as well as your previous history to deal with.

Have you learned valuable lessons from your previous marriage and will you be able to build on these? Do you fully understand what and when it started to go wrong and what you contributed to this (you must be honest with yourself)? While you may be sure that the significant issue that caused you to move on will not happen again, such as financial instability, abuse, lack of emotional connectedness, problems with in-laws, and others, have you reflected on what did work and is still essential to you, and (again, be honest) is this also present in your new relationship?

You will do your new partner a great honor if you take time to really look into yourself, to be honest and to engage in some serious soul-searching before you remarry, so you are going in with your eyes open and lasting love in your heart. Think about ways to give this new relationship a solid foundation and one that will grow and grow for many years after you marry again.