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Guide to Create a Wedding on a Budget

Look for an All-inclusive Wedding Venue

One of the major expenses of a wedding is the venue. But why worry about it if you can make the most of it? Finding the right wedding venue can be a budget buster and an actually be the better choice than at-home wedding receptions.

The key is to book an all-inclusive wedding venue that will allow you to skimp the huge cost of renting chairs, tables and tents. You can also find a wedding venue that requires minimal effort on decoration and provides most of the supplies that you’ll need without extra charges. You’ll be surprised to know that you can stay away from unnecessary spending by simply choosing the right wedding venue.

Schedule Your Wedding on a Weekday

People who are after getting huge savings should consider a weekday wedding. Saturday is a very popular day to tie the knot -and wedding suppliers are very much aware of this. Weekend schedules are considered as peak days and while the demand grows for wedding vendors and services, prices also rise. If you are flexible with the date, choose a weekday wedding. This way you can avail supplies and services at a regular price.

Filter the Guest List

For sure, you want your big day to be witnessed by people who play significant roles in your life. That idea alone should guide you in creating your guest list especially if you want to make it an intimate affair that everyone will remember. Make sure that your guest list is composed of relevant people in your life. No need to invite those that you barely know. Include in the invitation the number of seats that are reserved for them and that it is very strict for them to comply.

Choose In-Season Items

Serve great food without spending a lot of money by choosing ingredients that are in season. Look for dishes that use ingredients that are in season. This means that you will be able to serve dishes that use fresh ingredients and be able to cut down on costs. The same thing goes for flowers. Go for locally produced and in-season flowers to get lower bills and high-quality arrangements. For sure, in-season flowers present a wide range of options for you to create arrangements that complement the color scheme of your wedding.