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How to Decide Wedding Date?

Consider the season

It is the most important thing to consider while deciding a wedding date. About-to-wed couples should discuss about in which season they want to get married. They should also take their interests into account and choose a season accordingly. For example, if they want to get married in the presence of beautiful flowers, then spring season is the best option.

Get married on a special day

Many couples wishing to make people remember their wedding can organize this ceremony at some special days. There is a big list of such days such 1st January, 14th February, 18th October, and many more. They can also get married on their partner’s birthday. Some couples also choose to tie the knot on the anniversary of their parents or grandparents marriage. It is also a good choice, but they should avoid it if their parents or grandparents are divorced.

Consider day of the week

Many couples find it hard to decide the day to get married. Saturday is considered to be the best day for the ceremony as the most guests will get a day to relax. Since most of them will go to work on the next day and if the ceremony takes place on Sunday, probably they will yawn at work. If they will not have to travel, the weekdays can also be selected. However, the couples should prioritize their wishes while selecting a wedding day. For example, if they want to get married on an anniversary, but it falls on a weekday instead of Saturday, they should decide which things are important for them and compromise things. For example, they can drop an idea of hiring a favorite music band to tie the knot on the favorite day.

Avoid certain dates

There are many days in a year on which couples should avoid getting married. They should not choose a religious holiday for their marriage as the most guests will be resentfully present in the ceremony.