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Is Marriage Just Living Together?

Instead of searching for someone who will accept the way they are, be happy with their capabilities and at the same time, also ensure that emotional and sexual needs are fulfilled. This implies that a woman should be brainy, submissive, attentive, beautiful, and equivalent to a man. In the same way, a man should be handsome, a bodybuilder with excellent mannerism and always respectful.

An Eye Contact Is Must

Always maintain eye contact with your partner. Whatever you feel, look into the eyes and speak, it builds up the trust; it also implies that you are speaking the truth and you mean it what you speak. Let the other person also talk; let the conversation begin.

Show Respect for your Spouse

If you want to make a successful relationship, the next thing you need to make a baseline of mutual respect.Give prime importance to your spouse’s thoughts inputs and deliberate.

Make it a point if you don’t agree with your partner, discuss the situation respectfully. Pretending in a way that everything will fair enough is not going to ease the situation, even it may end up between the couple fighting without any point.

With the fact, our forefathers and the generation of our parent’s compatibility was not something which was discussed or talked about, and the right partner was far away from the minds of those people. According to them, they strongly believed in astrology and with the knowledge they made their lives so easy and comfortable and celebrated golden jubilees of their happy married life.