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Know the Mistakes of Wedding Etiquette

Sending invitation to the person who already told about his or her inability to attend

If a person tells that he or she cannot attend your wedding due to some reasons, you should exclude him or her from the guest list and not send any invitation. However, this rule can create confusion about whether or not to invite him or her to pre-wedding events. In this situation, you can include him or her in these events.

You are not clear about who can attend and who cannot

You should be clear about who is invited to the wedding and whom they can bring along. Generally, confusion is about bringing children. If you are inviting children of invitees, you should mention it while addressing wedding cards. You can affix “with family” with their names. If you have not met friends or relatives for a long time or you meet them sometimes, try including them all or none.

Time and date of wedding are less suitable

Generally, Saturday and Sunday are considered appropriate to get married. On these days, most people are on leave and can attend the ceremony without any problem. However, on Sundays, guests will try to leave early, because they will have to go at work next day. Moreover, you should choose time for starting ceremony accordingly. So, it is ideal to celebrate event on a holiday and start ceremony in the afternoon or early in the evening. However, selecting the day and time is up to you. Your closest friends and relatives will definitely try to attend the event, regardless of time and date.

Not personalizing invitation designs and wording

It is generally not an etiquette mistake, but it is the most overlooked mistake. If you want to give invitees a glimpse of how grand your marriage is, select an elegant and perfect wedding card. You should personalize it according to your wedding theme and colors. You should also try to add motifs and symbols, reflecting your beliefs.