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Know Things What Men And Women Seek In a Life Partner

What women want?

  1. Women do give importance to looks and personality. Yes, people generally think it is men who give importance to beauty over other things and women do not give much importance to looks. Indeed, most women do not care about your skin color andnails,etcetra but today’s women do want their life partners to look well groomed and smart.
  2. Women do not like comparisons, even if they are the ones to initiate them. She does not like to be compared to your mother, sister, aunt or ex-girlfriend. She asks you if she is as good as them or better than them just for security. Make your woman feel secure and wanted. Tell her how important she is to you and how much you value her.
  3. Pay importance to her. Women like men you notice her and listen to her. Remember small gestures go a long way. Remembering her parent’s anniversary, her favorite color, her favorite movie, her best friend’s birthday, etc. mean a lot to her.
  4. Women like men who respect their space, ambitions and goals personally as well as professionally. She would love it if you supported her and stood by her. Remember times have changed. Today, women are in the same race as men.

What men want?

  1. As opposed to the common notion beauty is everything; beauty is not everything for most men. Yes, beauty can hardly be harsh to the eyes, but men do see beyond the exterior beauty of a woman. Also, different men find different attributes beautiful which includes confidence, body language, charm and intelligence.
  2. Today’s men want their wives to be ambitious, intelligent and confident. That means they like women who know what they want. They may or may not agree with your opinions, thoughts and ideas, but they feel good that you have your own thought process and opinions and are confident to voice it.
  3. Men also like to take care of their women. Yes, you read it right. Although men and women have different ways to show their love, care and affection men do like to take care of their women. So clear those clouds of doubt and give your man a chance to take care of you. We assure you, that you won’t be disappointed. Men want care and want to care in return.
  4. Understanding and security are as important to a man as they are to a woman. Men too, like to feel secure and trusted by their partner. Remember, they invest as much as women invest in a relation. We may not be perfect, but we all do like to give 100% in our relations.