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Some Ideas to Propose

Show Your Partner That You Care

Take your partner to their favourite restaurant or bar in town or take them to the place where you two first met. Let them know that you remember every tiny detail of your relationship and how happy and thankful you are to have them in your life.

Try Something Geeky

Create a Jigsaw Puzzle using a nice photo of the two of you. When it’s done, ask the question.

Go On A Trip

Take some time off from both of yours’ busy schedules and go hiking/skiing/boating/bicycling/cruising or take a trip to the countryside in your car. Choose a beach or a waterfall, a cliff or a monument as the backdrop that will add drama and irresistible appeal to your proposal. Both of you will remember this quality time together for all your lives.
Charter a yacht for just the two of you. Watch the sunset together, get on your knees and pop the question when nothing is around except the waves and the fading hue of the sunlight.

Take Advantage Of The Weather

Take a walk in the evening/night when it’s raining and propose right there on the pavement/footpath. Let your partner know that only they matter the most. Nothing else. They won’t be able to resist a proposal so very romantic.

Go Creative

Write or type “Will You Marry Me?” in fancy words and place the message inside a bottle. Let her / him discover the bottle and be spellbound.

Prepare a banner with those words painted on it. Hang the banner at the front porch of your home, driveway or living room when you are expecting your beloved.

If you stay together, write the question with a lipstick on the bathroom mirror and draw two check boxes for “yes” and “no”.

If you have a pet, tie a ribbon around its neck with the question and the ring.

Take a pottery class together and opt to create plates. When making your plate, write down the question on the plate with your fingers. Your partner will have a souvenir of your proposal that will last forever.

Use window markers to write the question on her/his car’s windshield.

The keys to making your marriage proposal a success are: creating a beautiful memory, element of surprise, honesty and thoughtfulness.