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Theme Wedding Ideas


A rose theme wedding is really special and pretty popular, among many couples. Rose can easily depict that romance is in the air and marriage is about the union of two souls with love. This theme is perfect for summer time, when the roses are in full bloom. You may have the wedding take place in the rose garden and make the icing of the cake using roses and highlight the place with centerpieces in roses.


If you are up for beach weddings, then you would love the theme of aquatic life. If you are getting married on a boat or on an isolated beach at a private party, use elements of the sea like shells and corals , etc in your wedding.


If you still wish to have some fun with the wedding theme ideas and would like all colors everywhere, this theme is perfect for you. Bring out the kid withing you and instill the feeling of carnival all around.

Cinderella Alice in wonderland

Bring magical elements and fairyland in your wedding with theme of a fairy story. Bring a celestial charm to your wedding with these based weddings.


If black is your favorite color, you can as well try Gothic theme in your wedding to make it all the way more interesting. Gothic themed wedding aren’t common and usually involve the color black and darkness all around. It would be surely looking like two vampires getting engaged.


If chocolate is your favorite theme, then this theme is for you. Use rich chocolate browns, and fancy chocolates, and a yummy theme if considered like that. The full color theme can be in yellow tinge and brown base to have a more chocolaty effect.


Its simple to base the theme o your wedding with many types of flowers. Make them your centerpieces and hang them all around.