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Things to Avoid when Planning Your Wedding

Not planning budget for every wedding expense

It is essential to start planning for everything right after the announcement of wedding date, so you can avoid problems later. Marriage comes with various expenses and you should estimate budget for it. However, if you do not allot it separately, there are chances that you will spend all money on a few things. If you do not want to spend money on unnecessary things, you must divide the budget for every possible expense. You should precisely state estimated money for each category of expenditure such as wedding stationery, venue, decoration, food etcetera. You can also keep the amount a little higher to cover unexpected cost caused by price hike or any other similar reason.

Not allotting responsibilities to individuals

You can reduce stress by allotting different responsibilities to trustworthy persons. If you are afraid that they would not be able to carry these responsibilities successfully and plan to carry out everything by yourself, it will be the biggest mistake. When you do so, chances are high that you will make a mistake while accomplishing many tasks at the same time. Doing so will not let you enjoy the event and spoil all the fun. Therefore, you should give responsibilities to only reliable persons and enjoy the ceremony without any stress.

Not making proper guest list

Before you start looking for venue and wedding cards, you should make a proper list of guests. It is necessary because you will need a venue that can accommodate them. Moreover, you will have to order Indian wedding cards accordingly and plan various other things. If you do not know the number of guests arriving at the ceremony, all these efforts will get ruined. Moreover, money and time will also get wasted. To avoid this nightmare, you should make a proper guest list. For this purpose, you can also discuss with yours and spouse’s families about it and take their help to finalize this list.