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Tips to Plan Stag Do on Your Wedding

Be Organised

It’s vitally important that you plan it, and I mean really plan it. There are certain things that men are traditionally very good at, but planning and organisation, sadly, we suck at. Make sure you settle on a date where everybody is available, and book your adventure well in advance to avoid disappointment. Meet at a bar or a restaurant with the guys you want to have involved and talk it all over; include everybody from the start, this will make you all feel involved.

Choosing the Location and What to do

After settling on a date you’re going to want to choose what you’re actually going to do. This should be left to the Groome and your guests should be supportive and encouraged by whatever choice he makes. So, if he chooses to venture out on a walking trip around the Lake District then so be it, the quicker you agree and take on board what is going to happen, the higher the likelihood that the event will be successful. Very rarely does the Groome elect an activity where the guests have no interest; after all, you’re all close mates and likely have interests in the same things.

During the Stag Do

It’s common knowledge that the Groome is soon to be married, so it may be a good idea to not go too far. Perhaps life threatening activites should be avoided such as base jumping, or swimming with sharks; just stick to something a little safer! It’s also a great idea to use ways to ensure you aren’t spending too much. Keep an eye on expenses, or even set up daily budgets; by doing this you will eliminate the chances of going overboard. Most importantly, have fun! It’s the last chance that you’ll get (most likely) to go really wild before the Groome disappears into marriage.