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Unusual Engagement Party Ideas

Surprise your guests

Try and hide the news from your closed one’s until you invite them for a party. Once everyone is there, announce your engagement yourself or ask your DJ( if you have one) to raise a toast for you and your guests and announce your engagement. Surprise! This one will really astonish your guests specially your parents. Be prepared for the reactions.

Who bear the cost

Generally, it is bride’s parents who bear the cost of the event but now as time has changed, it can be a collaborative effort. You can divide the cost of event, this will give you an extra edge for having a grand engagement party. Hope both of yours parents agree! Having a grand party at engagement is not for everyone, but nothings more important than sharing your happiness with your loved one’s.

Make it an event

Indulge your guests by having a wine tasting party. Conduct blind wine tasting or form wine tasting groups. Have wide variety of wine at either from local winery or you can consult books about it. This act will engage your guests and enhance their understanding of wine. Your guests won’t be more thankful to you for holding this over the top engagement party. If you lack time, hiring the event planners like they have in Long Islands can save you from extra effort and stress.

DIY photo table runner

To make it more memorable and classy, a table runner of you and your would be groom’s pictures will be an extra advantage in your engagement as it will be a carry on accessory for your wedding as well. Make your guests aware about your days in relationship and aspire them to tie knots. Photo runner looks amazing on table but remember not to spoil them.

Romantic personalized cookies are a good idea

Your name is inscribed on a heart shaped delicious cookie and guests are thinking twice before putting into their mouth. Isn’t it worth having in your personal event. Your table will say thank you for decorating it with beautiful and delightful cookies.

Undecided on serving desserts? How about mini cakes

Serve beautiful flavored mini cakes to your guests and ask them to vote on flavors. You might be aware what majority of your guests like, decide flavors accordingly. Do not forget to top them delightfully that they look delicious. Place them beautifully on table to enhance the decor.

Have a venue that is special for you

If you guys have a special place where you met for the first time or place where he proposed you, nothing could surprise your guests better. The same bar where you met and maybe the same chair. Oh! This is going to be so romantic and special. You can even disclose this secret to your guests later on. It depends on you, how grand or simple you are planning your engagement to be. There is no harm in having a small house party with closed one’s, probably in your backyard with some dance and music. But in case of an event, you can always have an option of hiring event planners in Long Islands.

Serve popcorns

Since he popped a question to you, it will be cool to serve popcorns as the arrival treat for your guests. Beautifully packed caramel popcorns will do, hope your guests like the idea. Moreover, light snack won’t fill their belly in advance and they still can enjoy dessert and main course.